This is it! This is your chance to "Go into all the world..." And you can go with the knowledge that you are following in the same footsteps taken by tens of thousands of AIMers dating all the way back to 1966.

AIM (standing for "Ambassadors in Missions") provides missions trips designed especially for students. Through AIM, there are many opportunities for you to get involved in extraordinary ministries all around the world.

Your AIM trip can be either stateside or international and may be organized by a local church, NDYM or National Youth Ministries.  Check below for this year's opportunities!




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Note: National Aim trips are organized by National Youth Ministries and involve students from across the country. NDYM is not involved in organizing these trips, but welcomes student participation from North Dakota. Click the link for trip opportunities!



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Because Jesus commands us to "GO!"
The call is clear for all who claim to be His followers.

Because there is a great need in our world!
We need God to break our hearts for the lost and hurting. This can only happen through experience WITH the lost and hurting. An outreach will let you see, feel and experience the heartbeat of Jesus.

It will be an adventure!
If you love adventure, then outreach is for you. Your faith and energy will be stretched - and you will love [almost] every minute of it!

You will create memories!
This is a chance to join your friends and make an impact for the Kingdom of God. An outreach is something that you will NEVER forget. These memories will become unshakable pillars in your faith, establishing your foundation in Christ.

You will be changed!
You will sweat, work, cry and laugh. Your selfishness will be challenged. You will return grateful and filled with passion!